Steps in Assessment and Certification

Once it was enough for a person to know his job and be safe. Time soon told both. He was "perceived" to be safe and to know his job.Then came OSHA and other regulations, and it became necessary to document the safety aspects.

Now, as of October 28, 2002, by the D.O.T. rules, he must not only know his job and know the safety and security aspects, but he must be "assessed" and "certified" by an accredited entity such as OQCC.

The flowcharts at right show the steps in becoming certified. The experienced pipeliner / technician may go directly to assessment and, if he meets the cutting scores and passes any required written or performance evaluation, can immediately become certified.

See Subject Areas for API Subject Areas.

See How it Works for Craft Subject Areas.

A new hand, or entry-level pipeliner / technician should first complete the NCCER Core Curriculum and the NCCER Pipeliner Curricula to be successful in the assessment and certification process.