NCCER Craft Written Certifications and Performance Verifications


Nationally recognized Craft Certifications are now a part of the requirements to work in most of the Plant Facilities, for Maintenance and New Construction.  This is not only true for the plant employees but the contractor’s employees that work at those sites.  In an effort to meet these Requirements Customers and Contractors are having to assess and train their employees to obtain the  "Qualified, Certified Workforce” that is now in demand.

Many Customers are requiring that the craft personnel working at their facilities, plant employees and contractor’s employees must have a Craft Certification in each craft area of expertise.  At OQCC, we are committed to helping you to meet these requirements to have a “Qualified and Certified Workforce.” 

Who is O.Q.C.C.?


Operator Qualification & Certification Center, L.P, is a subsidiary of Total Inspection Services, which is a third-party inspection service to oil and gas companies to monitor and report on the pipeline.  O.Q.C.C. is a NCCER Accredited Assessment and Training Center.  Jimmy and Patricia Adams are the owners as well as NCCER Master Trainers of the facility. 


Who is NCCER?

National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) educational foundation serving a broad spectrum of industry, including construction, maintenance, and pipeline.  NCCER is supported by the participation of trade associations, contractors, schools, construction and maintenance users, pipeline operators, manufacturers, and third-party training providers. 


What we can do for you!


Operator Qualification & Certification Center can assess, certify, train and verify performance of your employees to meet the requirements of your Customer.


With more than forty (40) years combined professional experience in the construction industry, the OQCC staff is fully qualified to assess and certify your people to meet the required standards of the industry. 


The NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research), in partnership with contractors, industry associations, and owner groups, created a national industry-standardized assessment and certification process for the construction, maintenance, and pipeline industries.  The goal of the program is to evaluate the competence-level (knowledge and skills) of experienced workers, resulting in documentation of competence level and verification of skills.


The results from the assessments are archived at the NCCER using their ANR (Automated National Registry).  The National Registry records training completions and assessment results and issues appropriate credentials for NCCER craft/pipeline training, safety training, management education, and master trainer and instructor training.  The ANR can be accessed through the ISNetworld website by the Customer, Contractor and Participant.  The transcript from the assessment targets the areas that Training is recommended for that participant.  The targeted training is linked back to training modules in The Contren Learning Series Curricula. 


The NCCER has committed itself to developing and maintaining a training process that is internationally recognized, standardized, portable, and competency-based.  The quality and standardization of NCCER’s Contren curricula are accomplished through a formal accreditation process similar to that found in institutions of higher learning.



ANYTIME/ANYPLACE.  O.Q.C.C. has four (4) NCCER Master Trainers/Assessment Coordinators that are available to travel to your site to administer assessments to your employees.  We will set up Assessment/Training Sessions for your company Seven Days a Week.   To make arrangements, call 979/345-2378.




O.Q.C.C. is located 1155 South 17th Street (Hwy 35 South), West Columbia, Texas, just 50 miles south of Houston.   We have a 13,000 square foot Assessment/Training Center to administer assessments and training for your employees here in West Columbia.  We also will arrange to come to your site to administer assessments and training.  To make arrangements, call 979/345-2378.



O.Q.C.C.’ s Assessment Coordinators will ensure that all NCCER materials needed for assessment, training or performance verifications are available to assist your company’s successful evaluation process. 


NCCER assessments include both written and performance evaluations of the craft workers’ knowledge level and skills.  Every assessment’s questions were developed using Subject Matter Experts and The Contren Learning Series Curricula.  All assessments are subjected to expert psychometric analysis and validation through the NCCER’s validation process.  This allows them to be used for both pre- and post-employment assessments.


NCCER Assessments provide the Participant with:



  • Assessment results on the same day

  • Targeted training recommendations for improvement

  • Documentation on taking the Written Assessment: Official Transcript and if successfully passed they would also receive a Certificate and Wallet Card listing their qualifications.

  • Documentation on successfully passing the Performance Verification Assessment:  Official Transcript, Certificate for Certified Plus (if you have passed the written part also), and a Wallet Card listing your credentials.

  • Automatic registry of results to the ANR (Automated National Registry) that is retrievable via ISNetworld or NCCER.

After the assessment process, we consult with the participant to see what is needed to meet the requirements for certification purposes.  We can order the training materials that will help develop the areas that were targeted as “training recommended” on the assessment transcript. 



O.Q.C.C. is a fully Accredited Assessment/Training Sponsor for the NCCER.  All sponsors must be approved by NCCER and subject to audits to validate the training programs compliance with NCCER’s Accreditation Guidelines.  Re-Accreditation is submitted every three years.


Patricia Adams is the Certified Administrator that ensures that we meet all requirements established by the NCCER for the NCACP (National Craft Assessment and Certification Program).